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January 8, 1998

Went to AIRFrance in the morning. Got a flight out tonight at 11:55 PM. Cost $150 more, so I had to go to a bank and change more travelers checks, so I would have enough CFA. After changing my money, Uschi and I went to a French Grocery store. bought a T shirt for Rhonda from a hacker for 2500 CFA. Then back to AIRFrance to book the flight and get the tickets. Afterwards, we dined on African rice and sauce (peanut and goat meat with vegies) and Fanta and Sprite. The rice was pretty good but, as usual, sandy and I have a problem eating things that I cannot identify. The only thing identifiable was the rice. The Sprite was good though. I had bought two small batiks on the way to the bank and were regaled by a hacker while we ate. God, they are pushy here. Just will not take no for an answer. Even Leon screams NO, Merci, at them. I bought a pretty colorful one from him with a woman and a baby for Rhonda for 4000 CFA. Hope she likes it. Saw her statue at a booth and they wanted 30,000 CFA - I paid only 9600. After returning to the house, we basically sat around the rest of the day. Reinhard had gone out to get their visas for Mauritania and Mali. He also got a fresh Papaya and a Pineapple. The three of us, ate both of them. I don’t care much for Papaya, but the pineapple was wonderful. Read most of the day, finished organizing my stuff and packing. Uschi and Reinhard had an argument in the PM but it passed pretty quickly.

Herr Lohr took Uschi and me to the airport. He’s kind of stiff, really military type, but at least he took me.  The guards in customs, made me unload all of my bags. God, what a pain to get it all packed in again. Got off to Paris OK. Have a six hour layover there. Arrived home to Dulles International the next day. Rhonda was at National picking up the pups from Alaska, so I had to wait a bit for her to come get me. The pups are nice, but I’m so tired from two days on planes.

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