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January 7, 1998

The guinea soup stayed down and I feel better. It was really good. Uschi is a great cook. We had breakfast of Kneckebrot - dry bread a little like melba toast. Reinhard says we will be in Ouagadougou this afternoon after lunch.

By 8:30 we saw two dogs on the way to Ouaga. One prick ear basenji type and the other semi erect red pup. Neither were Azawakh type. Uschi says the Basenji type dogs are called Senji, meaning a wild dog that lives near the people. How can the Azawakhs be pure here with these Senji dogs roaming at will. All we’ve seen today were pricked or semi-erect eared with just a bit of underline.

At lunch, we were visited by some boys with another Senji, red with white markings. They are nice looking dogs - midsize, prick ears, long tail (curling or not), longer hair like a Lab. I got a picture of him. Had Guinea soup for lunch. Uschi added some tomato paste and some spices. It was very good. We also had some cookies from Burkina called AKADI. They are small and round - taste kind of like an animal cracker.  We arrived in Ouaga in the afternoon. Stopped by the German Embassy to find out where Christiane Schlenter’s friends lived. Had to wait an hour, so we went to a place called Cafe du Art - basically a bar with African art for sale. It had some really great stuff. Bought many things and a black iron statue of a woman and child for Rhonda. The wooden ones were just to crude. This one is elegant and elongated. Also got a gourd rattle for Cindy and Debbie, several necklaces, cri-cri and two silver crosses, several baskets with leather trim and two more plain daggers to give for the specialty show. The German people are nice and hospitable. Their house is very nice with lots of great African things inside, but none as nice as my stuff! The African man who waits for him will get me some batiks tomorrow. He got some nice ones for the Germans for 5000 CFA, but I think he made a profit for himself. Uschi and I will got to AirFrance tomorrow morning to see if I can leave earlier than Monday. I really don’t want to stay here two days without Uschi. Then maybe we can go to the GrandMarche (the Grand Market) in the middle of town and Uschi also has to pick up mail at the German Embassy. If I have to stay here, it will be really uncomfortable for no one speaks any English. But the parents of the man stationed here are visiting and they are booked on my flights on Monday, so it’s no problem to get to the airport. We supped on Tuna fishwith fresh French Baguettes on the patio of this house, while they dined inside. The baguettes were SO good, still warm from the oven. I still have 49,000 CFA, approximately $83. It’s amazing that all the things that I bought so far, cost only a little more than $200.

Mosquitoes are really bad here, but this European quarter is really nice. Like a lush tropical garden kept so with constantly sprinkling water.

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