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January 1, 1998

New Years Day
Today, we finally reached Ouallam. Still have 40-50 KM to go, but it is a good track and we can go faster.

Tomorrow, we go to Niamey. This AM along the road there were some lovely purple morning glories in bloom, so pretty. We saw one particolor dog in Ouallam as we walked around the market. He was asleep in the dust. I tried a Tuareg treat like a dried cherry - mostly pit, not so great. Uschi said they eat it when they travel. They are called “jip-jip.” Last night, we saw a goat herder with an adult red female with one erect ear, one semi-erect, the rest was good. There were also two 3-4 month old pups with her. Didn’t get any pictures. Today, we all have diarrhea, except Reinhard. Have no idea why.

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