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General Impression

Niger: Mostly good dogs to the north. Especially Abarey and Meriza area. Would have given most anything to have been able to bring out the blue brindle pup or the adult black male. The people seem less prosperous than in Burkina. Sometimes more proud, others less. The country is very dirty and trashy.    Mostly the people on the dirt tracks are friendly, near towns everyone wants “cadeau” and that is a bit of pain after awhile. I found I enjoyed Niger more perhaps because the quality of dogs was better and I enjoyed seeing so many Targi and Wodaabe people, especially in Meriza. Interesting thought on the dogs in Niger. The real Azawakhs were found with the women mostly. Rarely saw them with men, children or animals. You mostly see them laying in the back of tents. As you go south and the type deteriorates, you find them more with men and children. I wonder why? Are the pure ones inherently more sensitive and drawn to women? Or perhaps more laid back and not enjoying the more active environment of the men and children? The Senjis and Sighthound type mix dogs seem to enjoy the kids more - perhaps more active temperament type?

Burkina Faso - dogs were disappointing, but I learned a lot about the development of the Senji (African Bush Dog) to the pure sighthound. It’s so easy to see, when you watch it unfold as the miles pile up. Want to go back and read Uschi’s articles about Africa now that I’ve been here. They will probably make more sense now.  The country is much cleaner than Niger. Bikes add a charming touch. They are so numerous there. The people, at once, can be more hostile and more friendly. Definitely pushier in Ouaga than in Niamey.  Enjoyed the visit to the villages in Burkina. The scenery was interesting especially Aribinda, where the village is surrounded by mountains of rock. Villagers lead expeditions to view them from donkeys. Wish we could have done it but the whole of Burkina was windy and dirty. You couldn’t see very far in the distance for the rising blowing dust. The Baobob trees are pretty cool, I enjoyed them more for the legend that Reinhard told me.

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