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December 31, 1997

On the track to Douda Bangou, Niger
We saw a family camp with a lovely red male. The ears were a bit flyaway, but the rest was excellent. I got quite close to him with my camera. In Douda Bangou/Zama, we saw no dogs but only drove through, stopping briefly to ask directions.
Yourmandi- passed through, then Farqa which we weren’t sure if we passed or not. We stopped for the day at noon, so Uschi could make some bread. It’s OK with me, for I started with a cold yesterday and Leon was really getting on my nerves. Leon and Reinhard flew the kite that I brought with me for a while before lunch. The sun was very bright though and Leon didn’t like the sun, plus he was afraid that the kite would make him fly away if he held it. We’ll try again this evening. We had visitors this afternoon. Three Targi men. One had a lovely old sword. They came and drank water and ate some nuts and raisins. They thought the raisins were goat shit! It was so funny. Reinhard had to eat some, to reassure them that they were edible. Leon was blowing bubbles with his bubble copter and they enjoyed that very much. Uschi asked them about dogs and they said that at their camp they had adults and pups. I wish that we could go there to see them. Later, a woman went by, but didn’t stop. During dinner, we were almost stampeded by a herd of goats, driven by some children. Late that night, Reinhard brought out some champagne to celebrate the New Year, along with his and Uschi’s anniversary. It was made in Lindenfels and was very good.

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